Wells College Students

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我们的 small student population 和 class sizes mean more individualized attention from your professors. 我们的 close-kit campus community means you’ll be able to form deep 和 meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime. 实践实习, 实习, 和 research opportunities mean you’ll be better prepared for future success. 我们的 location in the heart of the southern Finger Lakes region means you’ll have a variety of opportunities to enjoy life outside of the classroom.

As a Soaring Eagle, you’ll be part of a campus with a proud history that’s steeped in tradition. 从它的 成立于1855年 as a groundbreaking women’s college to housing the Center for Mark Twain StudiesTommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School in more recent years, 埃尔迈拉大学 is proud of its deep local connections. We remain committed to fostering an engaged 和 inclusive environment that prepares leaders 和 fosters real world success.